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  1. How To Delete All Reddit Posts No Mass Delete? No problem. If you're disappointed by the lack of a bulk delete feature, fear not, as there are other... RES - Your Reddit Best Friend. RES ( Reddit Enhancement Suite) is a browser extension that opens up a world of... Power Delete Suite. Power Delete.
  2. Ceddit is the first platform created, which allowed Reddit users to see removed reddit posts. It operates on similar lines of that of Removeddit. However, a significant difference between both is that Ceddit only lets you read deleted reddit comments. It also lets you see posts deleted by the moderators themselves
  3. If a user has deleted their post and you want to find it, google the title of the post if you can remember it and add 'reddit'. You will see the post with [deleted] instead of the username. If you are concerned about being identified as the author of a post you have deleted, don't be 24.1K view
  4. Go to where ever the post is click switch to compact view the click on post, then the 3 for button in the top right. Delete post should be there now. 1 level

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  1. If you're logged in to the current version of Reddit on your computer's web browser, follow these steps: Click on your profile photo or icon in the top right of your screen. Select My Profile, then click the Posts link. This will take you to a list of all the posts you've made. At the bottom of the.
  2. You can delete a Reddit post that you aren't proud of or that is simply irrelevant now by heading to your profile settings. You can delete posts using both the Reddit website and the mobile app,..
  3. To unhide a post on Reddit from your PC, first, log in to your Reddit account and click on 'My Profile.' Now, head over to the 'Hidden' tab. Once you locate the post you'd hidden, click on 'Unhide' right below the post. What happens when you hide a post
  4. To Install and use Un-delete Reddit comments extension follow the below steps: Click on this link and visit the Chrome Extensions store. Click on Add to chrome and on the next popup window click on the Add Extension button. Once added visit Reddit.com, Select the post which you want to archive.
  5. Reddit has millions of posts and comments, and it's easy to stumble across ones that were removed or deleted. That can leave you wondering what happened, and it's frustrating to feel like you missed out on something. Fortunately, there is a way to see deleted posts and comments without too much hassle. We will give you a list of the best third-party options designed to reveal content that.
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To overwrite & delete all your comments on reddit, click this extension's icon next to your address bar No, if you delete a post or comment, it's permanently removed from Reddit and moderators and Reddit administrators won't be able to bring it back for you. So before you delete something, be absolutely sure. If you have more questions that aren't covered in these FAQs, check out r/help. Someone may have had the same question, or you can. There are multiple ways you can use RemoveReddit to read deleted posts. The first is to just visit RemoveReddit's webpage and search for the post that you are looking for. The second method is to just replace reddit by removeddit in a post's URL. So taking the above example, if the following was a deleted post link on Reddit

To delete your Reddit history, you can head to the Overview section of your profile and delete posts one-by-one. You can also delete your entire Reddit history at once using the Nuke Reddit.. The [removed] (or [deleted]) notice shows up after a Redditor - or a moderator - wipes a post for one reason or another. The original thread and title remain, but their content is no longer.. https://soundcloud.com/jimmyflatting/strollingthruparisWhether you're just lurking on your favorite subreddits or you're an active member of your favorite co.. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete one of your own Reddit posts when you're using a computer. Go to [https://www.reddit.com reddit.com]. Open a web browser and enter it into the address bar Websites such as the Greasy Fork have a wide variety of scripts, including ones that help you delete all your Reddit Comments. After locating the proper script, all you have to do is install it and..

Removeddi However, Reddit is working on an option that would allow users to completely remove all of their posts when they delete their accounts. In the meantime, here's a workaround for removing old posts. It is a third-party website that lets you browse Reddit posts in its own interface. It automatically recovers most of the deleted comments in a thread and highlights them with red color. Though it may not be able to recover some types of deleted comments, such as the ones deleted by the Reddit auto moderator Deleting comments and posts from Reddit Image: KnowTechie Just remember that while your username might not be attached to anything questionable you posted, the post content is still there This is how we can read deleted Reddit posts as well as deleted Reddit comments very easily. There are many methods available which can help you with that. But, most of the methods or services will ask you to pay some amount of fee for it. But, why to pay when you have free service which is explained earlier in the method. I hope using this article you have viewed a deleted or removed comment.

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However, Ceddit works wonderfully well on recovering Reddit deleted posts. Additionally, it also identifies why the original comment was deleted. It recovers the deleted comments on a Reddit thread automatically and highlights it in red. Simply browse through Ceddit the way you do when using Reddit. However, it can get tedious having to look through Ceddit manually. If there's a specific. Earlier this month, a Reddit employee was the target of harassment and doxxing (sharing of personal or confidential information). Reddit activated standard processes to protect the employee from such harassment, including initiating an automated moderation rule to prevent personal information from being shared. The moderation rule was too broad, and this week it incorrectly suspended a moderator who posted content that included personal information. After investigating the situation, we.

Despite u/violentacrez's offer to delete his postings and leave Reddit, Chen insisted he would still publish the piece. Gawker exposé. Chen published the piece on 12 October 2012, revealing that the person operating the u/violentacrez account was a middle-aged programmer from Arlington, Texas named Michael Brutsch. Within a day of the article being published, Brutsch was fired by his employer. Reddit Help Scheduled posts are posts that are scheduled in advance to submit in the future. Moderators with post permissions are able to create, view, edit, and delete scheduled posts. If you are interested in being a part of the beta group for scheduled post, you can fill out this form to join the waitlist. Creating a scheduled post. Scheduled posts are created in the post creation flow. Un-Delete Reddit; Unreddit; Resavr; Let's see how each of them work. 1. Starting with Ceddit Ceddit is wholly a powerful and beneficial tool. It considers you as the regular user and allows you to browse through the content. It also allows you to browse through all the deleted comments. It is a bit slower than Reddit. 2. Un-Delete Reddit Comments One dedicated Google Chrome extension has. How to delete Reddit post?Reddit is a social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content. This simple video tutorial w..

Click the edit option below your text post. This option is located in the lower-left corner of your text post. It will let you edit your post's body text. You can't edit the title of a post. If you've made a mistake in your post title, you can delete the post, and make a new one on the same subreddit If you want to find the deleted comments on a specific Reddit post, you can copy the URL of the post and remove the letter R from reddit.com. And replace it with the c to turn it into ceddit.com. Then the page will load in the Ceddit interface, and you will be able to see all of the deleted comments highlighted in red. You can also browse for deleted comments in the same way you browse through. Shreddit. Shreddit is a Python command line program which will take a user's post history on the website Reddit, and will systematically go through the user's history deleting one post/submission at a time until only those whitelisted remain.It allows you to maintain your normal reddit account while having your history scrubbed after a certain amount of time

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Deleted posts are usually not physically deleted (that is, removed from the system); they're just hidden (AKA soft-deleted). This means they won't appear in search results or data dumps, and normal users following links to them will see a 404 (not found) page explaining the cause of deletion. Links to deleted answers will redirect to the question they were on. Links to deleted questions will. This application allows you to search both Reddit comments and posts. You can aggregate data to see trends and also which subreddits are most popular given a specific search term. You can also research specific subreddits or users using this tool. The first column controls are the main controls that allow you to search, apply specific filters and to use utilities such as the user and subreddit. Archive of real amateur reddit girls. Show daily hottest profiles Show newest profiles ⭐ Show only favorites Search . Daily hottest profiles / NaN ; Next pag Reddit Help One of the tools Once you have stickied a post, it will be highlighted in green and remain at the top of your community until you remove the announcement. Moderators can sticky any post made to their community. This is generally done to ensure heightened visibility. Combining the mod distinguish action with the make announcement action is a common way mods highlight official. help = Reddit username) return parser: def run_praw (client_id, client_secret, password, username): Delete all saved reddit posts for username: CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET come from creating a developer app on reddit user_agent = /u/{} delete all saved entries. format (username) r = praw. Reddit (client_id = client_id, client_secret.

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You can delete a Reddit post that you aren't proud of or that is simply irrelevant now by heading to your profile settings. You can delete posts using both the Reddit website and the mobile app. Find information about Reddit users using Redective, the Reddit Search Detectiv This way you will have deleted your reddit history. Delete History Using the Eraser Application. This is the simplest and quickest way to delete your search history. All you need to do is to download the eraser application. Once you are through with your browsing, you give commands to the application and it deletes all your history

Removeddit. Removeddit is a site for viewing removed comments / threads from Reddit.Just go to any reddit thread and change the reddit in the URL to removeddit to see all removed comments.. This is a done by comparing the comments being stored in Jason Baumgartners Pushshift Reddit API and the ones from Reddit API. The frontend is written in React and uses Sass as the CSS Preprocessor Reddit Secure Delete. Securely delete your reddit posts. Install this script? Ask a question, post a review, or report the script. Author mrazavi Daily installs 0 Total installs 4,748 Ratings 4 0 2 Version 1 Created 2014-10-06 Updated 2014-10-06 License N/A. Applies to. reddit.com; Found this on userscripts. Still works. A quick way to securely delete your reddit posts as it changes them on.

In this video I will show you how to view deleted post and comment on reddit. There are many times when you go on Reddit and sees a post and it gets deleted. No, the username is removed from your posts and comments available on Reddit but they are not deleted. Hence, if you want to delete any particular post, then you should remove it before deleting. Search through comments of a particular reddit user. Just enter the username and a search query, and press Search! Search query. Username. Search × Options. Case sensitive. Match whole words ×. However, the posts and comments would still be visible, albeit under the username *deleted*. To make sure all your posts and comments are deleted forever, you have to manually delete them before you deactivate your account. Secondly, there is no option to temporarily disable your account. Once you deactivate your account, it is equivalent to. Simply append un to any reddit link, and it'll begin to recover deleted comments for you. Once you've altered the URL, you'll see an overlay stating Recovering Deleted Comments. Depending on how many comments were deleted, it can take a little longer to complete recovery

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It was posted on Reddit on April 1st, 2017 by u/serventofgaben in the r/movies subreddit, and became the most upvoted Reddit post of all time, holding on to the #1 spot on Reddit for years. However, you won't be able to see it if you sort by top posts of all time on r/all, because some user accidentally deleted the image on Imgur If Reddit sounds like your kind of place, you can sign up by clicking on the blue Sign Up button in the top right corner of the main Reddit page. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to create an. Reddit. Manager. Best way to manage saved posts, comments, and links of Reddit. Features. Grouped by subcategories; Remove Saved Items; Search your items; Export Saved Items to your computer; View Thread/Context for Links; Search through all Saved Items or specific sub... and more tools ; Inform Others. Let's start. Login with Reddit. Safe! Username/Password not needed. Facebook Page Donate. Reddit Promoted Ad Blocker is used to automatically remove promoted posts on the new (and old!) Reddit layout. Save your brain the effort of having to distinguish real posts from promoted posts. This extension was made for free. Donations are welcomed and appreciated: https://goo.gl/i7y6CF PATCH NOTES (DEC. 2020): - Updated extension name. Reddit had previously taken steps to delete problematic content and limit the spread of popular posts after a series of embarrassing incidents, including early incubation of the false Pizzagate.

Click Profile Posts. Next to the post you want to edit, click More Edit. Choose the fields that you want to change, and edit the information. To get a preview of your updates, click Preview. To make more edits: In the top left, click Back , then edit your post. To publish your edits, in the top right, click Publish Before deleting his posts, he stated that Ellen Pao dismissed him with one year of health coverage when he had cancer and did not recover quickly enough. Following this, a Change.org petition to remove Pao as CEO of Reddit Inc. reached over 200,000 signatures. Pao posted a response on July 3 as well as an extended version of it on July 6 in which she apologized for bad communication and not.

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Facebook's new Manage Activity feature will be coming to mobile and will let you delete or archive all of your past posts easily — however, it is not as easy to use as you'd wish For example, Reddit posts that link to YouTube or Twitter may load the linked video or tweet within Reddit directly from those services to your device so you don't have to leave Reddit to see it. In general, Reddit does not control how third-party services collect data when they serve you their content directly via these embeds. As a result, embedded content is not covered by this privacy. Learn how to use Facebook, fix a problem, and get answers to your questions You could repeat the process, but the general takeaway is that the best time to post on Reddit is on Sunday, Monday, or Saturday from 6 to 8 am US Central Time. The next best times would be within 2 hours of that time range on those same days, or during that same time range on other days. Additional Notes . Technically, the transformation I made to the score adds 1 to the score before. 263.2k Followers, 1,909 Following, 812 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Grammarly (@grammarly

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More than 5,000 upvotes have poured into Reddit on the Pao-critical link shares that haven't been deleted, with users comparing post deletions to pouring more gasoline onto the controversy that only puts Ellen under a larger microscope.Yup. Nothing draws more attention than dozens of deleted posts or hundreds of deleted comments You need to be logged into your Reddit account to see these options. Go to a Subreddit (e.g NBA subreddit ) Look for Community Options or your username under the Community Details section found on the right side of the page. Click on ADD USER FLAIR just below your name Reddit Mods Delete Orlando Shooting Posts Because Attacker Was Muslim. Allum Bokhari 12 Jun 2016. There are reports of mass censorship on /r/News, the chief Reddit community for breaking news stories, in the wake of last evening's deadly terrorist attack. Moderators of the subreddit even deleted a post offering blood donation advice to Orlando residents. One user reported that he was banned. The posts weren't removed by Reddit itself, but by users running the groups where they were posted, the user claimed Uneddit is one of the most popular services to access deleted Reddit comments and it's easy to use too. You just have to visit their website, drag the blue 'Uneddit' button to your bookmark.

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Select 'delete post'. If the image or album has been shared publicly to Imgur, select 'remove from gallery', then once it's removed select 'delete post'. iOS App. Delete an image in your account by tapping the options button in the top right corner. A menu will popup: Select Delete for full deletion or Edit Post to have the ability to make make your post private by changing it from Public. A post on the same reddit not showing on the homepage. His user profile. The kicker is that when I, with my mod access, click on the post permalink, I see the post is marked as [removed], with two buttons: approve link and confirm link removal. When a mod removes a post, it is shown as [removed by xyz] Reddit Investigator. Redditor Name: OK. Home Sign in/Register About FAQ. The hidden secrets of successful Reddit posts The hidden secrets ofsuccessful Reddit posts A somewhat useful guide to success by @babasave What we looked at We analyzed the top 10k most successful posts on Reddit over the last 3 Years. Successful as in how many upvotes they got. Which is NOT all the things - we know but more than you have.

Reddit Updates Policies Around Hate Speech, Will Remove Around 2,000 Subreddits as a Result. Three weeks ago, a group representing hundreds of Reddit moderators, who lead some of the platform's most popular communities, published an open letter calling for Reddit to take more action against racism and hate speech Reddit is a huge platform, it contains hundreds of thousands of posts and comments in numerous subreddits. However, nothing is impossible, and it is also possible to search for content posted by a specific user on Reddit. There are two ways to do.

Head into the app and click on the profile icon far right of the navigation bar. Select the photo you want to view then click the menu button on the top right-hand corner of the display. Click delete then confirm your choice on the screen. so the steps were: Instagram app. Expand the designated post A Craigslist Post That Was Banned From Reddit. Posted by haventreddityet on June 7, 2007. The author's name is Davey, and the original posting is here: My day is Ruined Because I've Been Trying to Save the World From Cats and Pushup Bras! My friends know that I can't ignore a challenge

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Posted by BeauHD on Thursday September 22, 2016 @08:00AM from the archived dept. HockeyPuck writes: The House Oversight Committee has ordered Reddit to preserve deleted posts believed to be written by Paul Combetta, an IT technician the committee suspects may have deleted Hillary Clinton emails that were under subpoena Reddit gets 150 MILLION page views per month, so needless to say you can get TONS of free traffic. At the same time, Reddit is one of those places where self-promotion is very frowned upon. Any kind of marketing is frowned upon unless you put a VERY detailed and delicate touch to your posts. If you learn how to do that, you can promote your stuff without getting your posts deleted and without getting banned If you see something posted that doesn't make sense, it's likely referencing an aspect of Reddit culture (a previous post, a meme — something popular from the site). Often, you'll be able to pin. The House Oversight Committee has ordered Reddit to preserve deleted posts believed to be written by an IT technician the committee suspects may have deleted Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham. A list should now appear containing posts you made from the latest to oldest. Each post will have a checkbox next to them to allow you to quickly select all the content you wish to remove or archive

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Unlike Twitter and Facebook and many other large platforms, Reddit doesn't employ an army of commercial content moderators whose job it is to enforce company policy by deleting posts that. If the post consists of original content, written specifically for Reddit, you'll see a small graphic of a page next to it. This means that if you click on the content title, you'll stay on.

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So let's delete it! That's done by moving the cursor over to the top right of the invisible box that contains the comment. You don't have to get it exact - as soon as in you're in the right general area three dots show up. Move the cursor over them and a menu pops up: Hide. What about delete? Bear with me and choose Hide Comment here. Lo and behold, more choices show up All Selena's deleted instagram posts back in 2011 from her old instagram and up until now. Posts Tagged For those who are not familiar with the term, a Reddit Ad can look a lot like regular Reddit post except for the words promoted post indicating that it's actually a paid piece of content. This type of Reddit post appears on the top of every subcommunity forum, or subreddit. Sometimes they are posts, and sometimes they're an ad for companies - it depends on what your intent is with. Since this is the science subreddit, your hobby blog post will be deleted unless already reviewed by other proven scientists. Every sub-reddit have such specifics so as stated above you'll have to be careful with that. So you input a title and a valid URL for your content and fill the Are you Human box. Step 3: Submit your Post and Observe-So how do I make a post on Reddit ? Just click. How to Quickly Delete Old Facebook Posts. Now more than ever, it's important to curate what pops up on your social media feeds. Here's how to delete Facebook posts from your Timeline one by one or.

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To delete post revisions from your WordPress site, click on WP-Optimize. Here you will see Clean all post revisions option. Just hit on Run optimisation. The plugin deletes old post revisions from your site. Furthermore, it cleans trashed/unapproved/spam comments, pingbacks, trackbacks and expired transient options and more. 2. Delete WordPress Post Revisions Using WP-Sweep . WP-Sweep is. In order to delete a post, click the pencil icon on the right of each post. Both options only allow you to delete your Facebook updates one by one. Use Social Book Post Manager To Mass Delete Facebook Posts. Unfortunately, there's no option on the platform to delete posts the way you delete your browser's cache. So if you don't want to waste time removing each Facebook post separately. Reddit is where QAnon first went to attract a mass audience when it left the dark, unnavigable threads of 4chan, and Reddit is where it found a new group of people who were willing to spend hours. DRAZZILB1424 / Reddit. Since posts are normally time-sensitive, there's also a big benefit to being early. You can explore the rising or new tabs in subreddits so you can be one of the first users to comment. If you run into a breaking piece of news, being the first to post it on the relevant subreddit can get you a ton of karma. In subreddits for sports leagues, multiple.

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Burnout, splinter factions and deleted posts: Unpaid online moderators struggle to manage divided communities. From the pandemic to systemic racism and volatile politics, the real world is seeping. The Reddit-fueled price increase of GameStop stocks have since skyrocketed the price from a mere $18.84 on New Years' to its current price of $302.35, an over 1500 percent increase in less than one month. The stock surge, however, has left a lot of large-scale investors angry, many of whom are demanding that something be done about it Most posts that complain about these things never do very well, and are quickly buried or deleted. I think it's interesting how many people defend my right to act the way I do, while decrying my. Facebook is finally providing a solution for users eager to get rid of several older posts. The social network announced Tuesday that it's adding an option to let users delete multiple posts at.

Minc Law Can Remove Defamatory Posts From TheDirty. At Minc Law, we help individuals from all over the world protect their reputations by removing damaging posts from TheDirty. We at Minc Law have extensive experience working with TheDirty to remove posts and offer guaranteed content removals from TheDirty Before deleting his posts, he stated that Ellen Pao dismissed him with one year of health coverage when he had cancer and did not recover quickly enough. Following this, a Change.org petition to remove Pao as CEO of Reddit Inc. reached over 200,000 signatures Reddit bots are hunting down online racists, one post at a time There's a hate speech epidemic on Reddit - but automated bots and browser plug-ins are (sort of) fighting back By Amit Katwal Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts and Photos Sometimes we are quick to delete an Instagram post only to realize that it was a photo or a video of importance. Now you need it back but it has gone from your gallery. Instagram may have a ton of features, but something that it surely lacks is a recycle bin. So any photo that you delete is gone from your gallery indefinitely. However. Former moderator of FortniteBR subreddit has accused Epic Games of paying moderators to manipulate posts. For those who don't know, Reddit is one of the best sites to discuss games

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